domingo, 10 de agosto de 2008

Moroccan artisan and Tourism

Morocco is one of the great craft producing countries of the world, the traditional crafts sector contributes more than 10% of the national income, and employs more than two million people and has a large share of Morocco's export trade. Tourism in Morocco is enormously important economically and also key to preservation of such fabled cities as Fez,Marrakech and Tangiers.Many visitors are so taken with the way of life in Morocco,They return year after year, some even become part-time residents whose renovated houses require the services of the many expert traditional craftsmen, tile-makers, painters, lantern-makers, rug weavers, furniture makers.Tourisum is an important factor in the way of life for the inhabitants of Morocco, providing a neccessary income in a otherwise poor situation.Without tourism many trades would be lost,many skills that have been passed down through the centuries could be gone forever.

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