miércoles, 13 de agosto de 2008

Basic cafe food

Basic Moroccan meals normally begin with a thick very filling soup-most often the spicy bean snd pasta harira.Alternativly you might start with a salad,or have this as a side dish with your main meal.Typically a plate of kebabs(small pieces or chopped/minced lamb on a skewer).Some places offer fried fish, a stew of beans,or a plate or kebab of offal such as liver or brain.
A few hole in the wall places specialize soup,which they sell by the bowlful all day long.There is a thick pea soup called bisara topped with green olive oil.
Alternatively you could go for the Tagine,which is essentially a stew, steam-cooked in a earthenware dish ,with a conical lid.Classic tagines include lamb/mutton,prunes,almonds.or chicken with olives and lemon.Or you could have a tagine with fish or just vegetables.Kefa is popular , meatballs topped with eggs.A Tagine is to Moroccan cuisine what a cury is to Indian.And the variety is endless.

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