domingo, 21 de septiembre de 2008

Shop Morocco

Shop Morocco was created in 2007 by Esteve.
Having very close relations with morocco for many years,It seemed to obvious step to take.
We are based in Tarifa,Spain,on the southern coast of Spain, the most southern point of europe. Although in Spain,Tarifa's closest city is Tangiers, Morocco.
With only 14k of water (the Straits of Gibraltar) between them.
Trade between the two towns and the rest of europe as existed since the start of time.
Many of our items are shiped direct from our warehouse in Morocco,keeping our prices as low and competitive as possible.
All our products are Handcrafted by traditional moroccan craftsmen,
Artisan starts in the mind of the craftsman therefore every carpet, rug or piece of pottery is slightly different,making everyone unique.

Shop Morocco is quickly becoming the #1 seller of Tagines on the internet.
The Tagine is our #1 product.Closely followed by Carpets and Rugs.
Tagines come in many different shapes and sizes,Cooking Tagines,Serving Tagines and Decorative Tagines.The Tagine as become a specialist product for Shop Morocco, We are continually adding Tagines to our stock.
Moroccan Carpets and Rugs come in many sizes and colours.Every Carpet a unique in itself.Hand woven on wooden looms or laboriously knotted by hand.Every Carpet a unique creation using basic or intricate designs,passed down from the start of time.
It can take several months to make a Carpet, A Item to enjoy in your home for many years.
We also sell a lot of Hookahs(sheshas) and wooden pipes, Our clothing department is becoming very popular and we are constantly adding new products.

We have some great products on offer.Shop Morocco is the only online shop,directly related with Morocco. We buy all our products directly from the source in Morocco.
This not only keeps us in touch with the Moroccan people, but gives us a very special relationship buying direct, enables us to keep our prices competitive and more importantly help the Moroccan people. When you buy from Shop Morocco you are shopping in Morocco and providing much needed work to the Moroccan People.If you can't find what you're looking for, Please don't hesitate to contact us. We travel to morocco on a regular basis.Almost anything can be aquired or made to order.

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